As a woman, do you feel a deep sadness for humanity?

There are several ways to answer that: Yes, yes, and yes! And the real answer is that there is no woman, and yet there is a woman. There is no humanity, and yet there is humanity. There is no sadness, and yet there is sadness. When we let go of the sense of identity of who we think […]

Kim on the Illusion of Loneliness and Emptiness

Q: How does one deal with loneliness and emptiness when it’s a lifelong pattern. I can’t seem to get beyond the feelings of incredible emptiness and loneliness in my life. Even though I have a few good friends and family members who care about me, I still suffer with these intense painful feelings, even when I am with […]

The Top 10 Pass it On Videos of 2015 – TEST PAGE

In 2015, ET Now launched the weekly Pass it On video feature in response to our member’s desire to share Eckhart’s teachings with their friends, family and the larger community because of the profound effect the teachings have had on their own lives. 1. Your Primary Responsibility Description: Eckhart explains the deeper meaning behind the word responsibility. The state […]

Guardians of Being – The Now

Eckhart’s book, Guardians of Being, is a collaboration with Patrick McDonnell, the creator of the acclaimed comic strip MUTTS. To Patrick, his cartoons are like little prayers or sutras. With humour, this cartoon explores how living in the present moment can be challenging even for the best of us.

What is Love? Eckhart and the Art of Honouring Consciousness

This month, we offer Eckhart’s teachings on a new web page dedicated to his reflections on love. Love can make life more transparent to the divine dimension, as Eckhart suggests, and we hope that you will join us in exploring love on the level of Being at: Love is our one truth, and it is at the […]