The Practice of People-Watching

A little spiritual practice I recommend is to go to a public place where you can sit and watch human beings, perhaps at a café or in the park. I call it “people-watching.” The only difference between ordinary people-watching and this kind of people-watching is that your practice is not to attach any label or […]

Does avoiding intimate relationships hamper your spiritual growth?

No—not if that’s the truth inside you. And only you can really know that through observing yourself. When you’re in a relationship, it’s really not about the relationship; it’s about you observing yourself in the relationship. So, whether our spiritual growth is happening with somebody else or without somebody else, it’s ultimately about honoring your true self wherever you […]

If adversity can help us become more conscious, what about when the life situation is going well?

You can either be forced into awakening, in which case you have to wait until things fall apart around you or death approaches—or you can voluntarily embrace awakening, which is what you are doing right now (along with most of you reading these words). In other words, you choose presence. You choose to look around […]