Body, Mind, and Spirit: A Time for Being with Kim Eng

“We are body, mind, and spirit,” Kim Eng reminds me one day when we sit down to talk about her practice. “Those are the three dimensions of our human existence. The formless realm of spirit, the Being, is the one that is easiest to overlook. So before anything else, we have to accept our inner state, whatever is […]

Kim in Practice: Meditative Breathing

Many meditations involve a focus on the breath. The purpose of this practice is to balance awareness with the physical embodiment of movement, even if that movement is very minimal. Join us for Kim’s teachings on meditative breathing aimed at opening ourselves up to spiritual awakening. If there’s a lot of noise in your outer layers – in […]

Come Back Home to Yourself: Kim Eng’s Teachings on Learning to Be Vulnerable

We come into this world completely vulnerable. Over the years, we learn how to avoid vulnerability at all costs: we protect ourselves with material goods, with money, with accolades, and with friends and family. But vulnerability, for me and for many of us, is not an easy thing. I can even say that the very thought of it […]