Being Your Purpose in Life: A Chat with Marianne Williamson

In 2011, Marianne Williamson spoke with Eckhart in a profound conversation about Midwifing the New Consciousness (click here fore more information), and ways in which we can connect with presence in our everyday lives. In a new interview, Marianne spoke with us about discovering our unity with and relatedness to others, and coming to accept the light of […]

Our Love of Nature and Guardians of Being

“Never work against mother nature,” Cesar Millan is quick to convey, “that’s what my grandfather taught me.” The Mexican state of Sinaloa, on the east coast of the Gulf of California, is known for its singular contribution to the country’s agricultural bounty. The rich arable land in this region produces not only fruits and vegetables, but supports Mexico’s […]

Community: Forging a deeper connection with Eckhart

This past June, life coach, speaker and author Suza Scalora took time to attend Eckhart’s retreat at the Omega Institute in upstate New York. Having experienced her own recent personal transformation after surviving cancer, Suza was drawn to Eckhart’s message to become more aware of the beauty of the present moment. Suza wrote an article for the Huffington Post […]