Consciousness and the Unmanifested

When you dissolve psychological time through intense present-moment awareness, you become conscious of the Unmanifested both directly and indirectly. Directly, you feel it as the radiance and power of your conscious presence — no content, just presence. Indirectly, you are aware of the Unmanifested in and through the sensory realm. In other words, you feel the God-essence in every […]

A Human Being, Not a Human Doing: My Adventures With Oprah Winfrey And Eckhart Tolle

One of the advantages (some might say disadvantages) of living in the country is that cell service is at best spotty, and often nonexistent. Often, when I am driving in my car, cut off from the outside world, I remember the words of an astronaut who had been part of the U.S. mission to the moon. He said […]

The Joy of Being is the Joy of Being Conscious

Here is a spiritual practice that will bring empowerment and creative expansion into your life. Make a list of a number of everyday routine activities that you perform frequently. Include activities that you may consider uninteresting, boring, tedious, irritating, or stressful. But don’t include anything that you hate or detest doing. That’s a case either for acceptance or for […]

A Walk in Nature with Eckhart Tolle: The GPS Guide

In celebration of the special issue, A Walk in Nature with Eckhart Tolle, we are delighted to announce the collaboration between The Huffington Post and Eckhart Tolle TV to create Eckhart’s first-ever GPS Guide designed to bring you back to the present moment. GPS for the Soul Guides are a featured section on The Huffington Post designed to […]