Suza Scalora

Presence through Movement: An Interview with Kim Eng

In part one of this interview series, Presence through Movement (PTM), Kim Eng speaks with Suza Scalora about the cultivation of presence and stillness through body and breath-awareness by incorporating Eckhart’s teachings into an embodied practice called Presence through Movement (PTM). This practice has helped countless people connect to the ever-present stillness within. Suza: Can you tell us about […]

Changing the World From Within – Part 2

In the second part of this interview series with Eckhart Tolle entitled Changing the World from Within, Suza Scalora speaks with Eckhart about how our negative thought patterns often dominate our minds, both personally and collectively, and how we can prevent these patterns from manifesting negative situations in our daily lives. Most of us recognize we have an […]

What Every Child Needs to Flourish: Kim Eng’s Teachings on Conscious Parenting

Suza Scalora sits down with Kim Eng, counselor, public speaker and partner of spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, to discuss how we can cultivate consciousness as parents and support our children in flourishing into healthy, conscious adults. Suza In your opinion, what is the most vital thing a parent can do to support their child and help them flourish […]