Geneen Roth

Geneen Roth

Over the last thirty years, Geneen Roth has shared her teachings on the way that we eat and live through her New York Times bestsellers Women Food and God and When Food Is Love. Geneen’s online course helps her followers build compassion for themselves and their own life journey. In her new book, Lost and Found, Geneen expands her compassionate and insightful framework for life to the world of personal financial management. Geneen teaches us that although adversity can cause challenges in our lives, it is also a gateway to awareness and growth. As Geneen explains, you can get back on a positive personal, emotional, and financial track even if your past patterns have blocked you from living your best life.

The End of the Story

I live in California where winters are now summer, and we’ve had the driest January since the Gold Rush. The ice pack in the Sierras, which provides a third of California’s water, is down considerably and the fields of sassy daffodils are blooming four months early. The sinks in my house have buckets beneath the faucets so that […]

When Life Gets Hard

I bought thirty-six peonies yesterday at Trader Joe’s. They were having a sale, six stems for $6.99 and although my grandmother would have disapproved—she wouldn’t buy flowers because “they always die”—I decided that staggering beauty was at least as important as Greek yogurt. As the cashier—a twenty-something woman with pink hair, three silver nose rings and a rainbow-serpent tattoo […]

The Breaths I have Left

When I was eight, my father gave me a copy of Death Be Not Proud, a book by John Gunther about the life and death of his son Johnny. By the time I turned the last page, and I say this in the kindest possible way, I’d become a bit of a hypochondriac and completely death-obsessed. Not only […]

The Dog, and the Door Swinging Open

By Geneen Roth There are some mornings when I wake up with a mind that sounds like a shock jock. (Confession: I’ve never actually heard a shock jock and I have no desire to because I’m pretty sure what he would sound like: my mind.) For example: We just brought home a new puppy. And […]