Body, Mind, and Spirit: A Time for Being with Kim Eng

“We are body, mind, and spirit,” Kim Eng reminds me one day when we sit down to talk about her practice. “Those are the three dimensions of our human existence. The formless realm of spirit, the Being, is the one that is easiest to overlook. So before anything else, we have to accept our inner state, whatever is […]

Parenting as a Process

In the second part of our interview with parenting expert Susan Stiffelman, we learn about how to balancing doing with being in our day-to-day family experiences. Join Susan to explore her teachings from her new book Parenting with Presence. Susan shows us how we can support our families through awareness, reflection, and a lot of self-care.  Tell us about your […]

Guardians of Being

  Eckhart’s book, Guardians of Being, is a collaboration with Patrick McDonnell, the creator of the acclaimed comic strip MUTTS. To Patrick, his cartoons are like little prayers or sutras. This cartoon explores how we can live in the now, with a little help from our friends.

Kim in Practice: Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a practice dedicated to clearing the pathways of energy in your body. The purpose of this practice is to stimulate the flow of energy and decrease stress. Kim’s teachings on Qi Gong movement are aimed at opening ourselves up to spiritual awareness. Join Kim in exploring physical strength and emotional peace through movement. It is […]

Come Back Home to Yourself: Kim Eng’s Teachings on Learning to Be Vulnerable

We come into this world completely vulnerable. Over the years, we learn how to avoid vulnerability at all costs: we protect ourselves with material goods, with money, with accolades, and with friends and family. But vulnerability, for me and for many of us, is not an easy thing. I can even say that the very thought of it […]

Awe of the World: The Calm Center and Consciousness

It may be said that Steve Taylor’s powerful meditations and poetic reflections will comfort, inspire, and gently lead you towards the joy of your true, essential, and authentic self. In this interview, we talk to Steve about his inspirations, the way that his work is aligned with Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, and how he practices a […]