How can I know the difference between intuition and thoughts arising in the mind?

Usually, intuition comes as a very quick and quiet knowing. It’s a simple knowing that the mind may come to judge at a later point.

We often hear that, “Oh, if I had only listened to that first intuition of mine, all of this would have turned out better. I knew it, but I didn’t listen to it.” So, you should begin the practice of trusting that knowing inside you and the messages it evokes.

When intuition comes, you’ll find it as a congruent sensation—something like, “Oh, I should be going here.” It’s as if your whole body is aligned with this sensation—whereas when the mind comes in, there’s a disconnect from the body. All you hear are these different thoughts about the sensation. “Oh, is that true? I don’t know why I need to go there. Well, I don’t need to go there at all.”

So, watch next time. Observe the body. Observe the mind, because the intuition usually comes very quietly and with a peace behind it.

Now, it may take some practice to recognize this if you are the type of person who quite often negates your intuition. You don’t follow it because the mind takes over and starts judging it. I invite you to practice the recognition of true intuition because living from that space is true intelligence. You’ve connected your personal intelligence, so to speak, with a greater  intelligence of life itself.   Life is guiding you.

Oftentimes, the best way to begin this practice is to simply meditate and clear the thinking mind. Make space for who you are in just this moment, which is not a thought but an awareness. This awareness is life and you are life. When we’re connected with life, our ego self gets out of the way and the intuition comes through. It’s only when the ego is in the way that it blocks the intuition, second-guessing life itself.

Life speaks to us in so many ways. Our souls are wanting to come home. When we do not pay attention to our intuition, we’re turning our backs on being home. We’re moving away from our self. And our purpose here is to be one with life and express life itself in whatever way it wants to come through you.

There’s no other greater joy than being connected to life itself, experiencing the unfolding of words and movement that come through you spontaneously, naturally, and organically. Enjoy the present moment. Enjoy being connected to life. Enjoy experiencing the intuition that comes through. It’s your guide to being here and living in this world.

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