Does avoiding intimate relationships hamper your spiritual growth?

No—not if that’s the truth inside you. And only you can really know that through observing yourself.

When you’re in a relationship, it’s really not about the relationship; it’s about you observing yourself in the relationship. So, whether our spiritual growth is happening with somebody else or without somebody else, it’s ultimately about honoring your true self wherever you are at this moment in time.

In one way you cannot help but be in relationship, even when you’re alone. Because most of us are in a relationship with the thinking mind. So, look within yourself to find out if you’re running away from a relationship so you can avoid something or if it’s a true calling to be alone.

Before I met Eckhart, I told my partner that I actually didn’t want sex anymore. I didn’t feel the urge to be sexual. I just wanted to devote my time to meditation. It was tough for him and I realized that it was tough and I also realized that I didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore, so I ended it. I needed to just spend the time alone, so I honored that.

Every moment can be used for an opportunity to awaken. Remember that. Every moment. It doesn’t matter what the form looks like. It’s this moment that matters.

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