What is a common misconception of Eckhart Tolle, the human being?

KE: Sometimes what we’ll do with a spiritual teacher is to mistake the form for the consciousness or spirit that is speaking through that teacher. We are divine channels for consciousness to come through. But the form is not “it.”

When I first got into a relationship with Eckhart, I thought we’d be having all sorts of profound conversations. But of course he’s still a human being! Maybe he’s got more “beingness” than a lot of people I know but he’s still human, and when we were first getting into a relationship I thought to myself, “Oh, okay…Geez! Hmm. Not what I thought…” But it taught me a lot. It taught me about my expectations of relationships and it taught me that no human being can save me. They can point the direction, but

I’ve got to make the steps. So, take that little Eckhart off the altar and find what it is you’re looking for within yourself. It’s beautiful that he is here to point the direction but you’ve got to stop looking at the finger because he’s pointing you inside yourself. It’s a matter of whether we’re ready to take that step to finally look in here.

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