I hear music in my head and my body wants to move to it. Should I just let it go?

It sounds like you’re in resistance to something that you actually really want. You could start letting yourself enjoy it fully and it may just leave on its own. But maybe what you need to do is to take your attention elsewhere. Having the urge to sing and dance, that’s not the bad thing. If something’s a joyful experience for you, you don’t want to get rid of that.

But if it’s becoming obsessive or interrupts your life in some respect, it might be that you need to be able to shift your attention elsewhere. And it’s good to practice that – for everybody, because we can all get so involved in our work to that extent. We take our work home either literally or just by constantly thinking about our work. We keep thinking and thinking and thinking about it. It’s the same thing as with a song, right? It just keeps on repeating and repeating. So our practice then is to be able to shift our attention so we can get out of that mindset.

So, right now, if something in your mind keeps going and playing like a record, the practice is to shift your attention—maybe to your breathing, to the inner body, maybe to sense perceptions—and not to beat yourself up about it.

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