Body, Mind, and Spirit: A Time for Being with Kim Eng

“We are body, mind, and spirit,” Kim Eng reminds me one day when we sit down to talk about her practice. “Those are the three dimensions of our human existence. The formless realm of spirit, the Being, is the one that is easiest to overlook. So before anything else, we have to accept our inner state, whatever is […]

Guardians of Being – The Now

Eckhart’s book, Guardians of Being, is a collaboration with Patrick McDonnell, the creator of the acclaimed comic strip MUTTS. To Patrick, his cartoons are like little prayers or sutras. With humour, this cartoon explores how living in the present moment can be challenging even for the best of us.

What is Love? Eckhart and the Art of Honouring Consciousness

This month, we offer Eckhart’s teachings on a new web page dedicated to his reflections on love. Love can make life more transparent to the divine dimension, as Eckhart suggests, and we hope that you will join us in exploring love on the level of Being at: Love is our one truth, and it is at the […]