The Top 10 Pass it On Videos of 2015 – TEST PAGE

In 2015, ET Now launched the weekly Pass it On video feature in response to our member’s desire to share Eckhart’s teachings with their friends, family and the larger community because of the profound effect the teachings have had on their own lives. 1. Your Primary Responsibility Description: Eckhart explains the deeper meaning behind the word responsibility. The state […]

The Peace That Passes All Understanding

There are many accounts of people who experienced that emerging new dimension of consciousness as a result of tragic loss at some point in their lives. Some lost all of their possessions, others their children or spouse, their social position, reputation, or physical abilities. In some cases, through disaster or war, they lost all of these simultaneously and found […]

Divine Dissatisfaction

When you sense there’s something more when the life that used to satisfy you no longer seems enough when security seems suffocating and pleasures lose their taste when dreams of success can’t motivate you anymore and diversions don’t seem to divert you and familiarity seems oppressive, like a coat that’s too old and tight and […]