Imagine the Mind – by Rajesh

This is the second poem that Rajesh, originally from Cochin, India, has prepared for our readers. The first, Lights of the Soul, was an inspiration for many of us. Imagine The Mind Imagine the mind was like the clear still lake, which you could see through and watch the underneath marine life move past swiftly… yet […]

Fearless Trust in the Power of Nature: The Work of Noor Hoogenhout

Noor Hoogenhout lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and even though she had been taking pictures since she was a child, she started taking photography seriously two years ago, after an intense personal challenge. This is the story behind the picture she took for our photography contest, and how she has been inspired by Eckhart’s work. In my late […]

Going Beyond Limitation

In each person’s life there comes a time when he or she pursues growth and expansion on the level of form. This is when you strive to overcome limitation such as physical weakness or financial scarcity, when you acquire new skills and knowledge, or through creative action bring something new into this world that is life-enhancing for yourself […]

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: An Interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn

It was during a meditation retreat thirty-five years ago that Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn had a vision that shaped his life’s work. This meditative insight, a mere ten seconds long, led to the creation of an entire clinical program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center which came to be known as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, also known as MBSR. This […]