Self-Healing Meditation

The more consciousness you bring into the body, the stronger the immune system, becomes. It is as if every cell awakens and rejoices. The body loves your attention. It is also a potent form of self-healing. It is not only your physical immune system that becomes strengthened; your psychic immune system is greatly enhanced as well.

There is a simple but powerful self-healing meditation that you can do whenever you feel the need to boost your immune system. It is particularly effective if used when you feel the first symptoms of an illness, but it also works with illnesses that are already entrenched if you use it at frequent intervals and with an intense focus. It will also counteract any disruption of your energy field by some form of negativity. However, it is not a substitute for the moment-to-moment practice of being in the body; otherwise, its effect will only be temporary. Here it is.

When you are unoccupied for a few minutes, and especially last thing at night before falling asleep and first thing in the morning before getting up, “flood” your body with consciousness.

Close your eyes. Lie flat on your back. Choose different parts of your body to focus your attention on briefly at first: hands, feet, arms, legs, abdomen, chest, head, and so on. Feel the life energy inside those parts as intensely as you can. Stay with each part for fifteen seconds or so. Then let your attention run through the body like a wave a few times, from feet to head and back again. This need only take a minute or so. After that, feel the inner body in its totality, as a single field of energy. Hold that feeling for a few minutes. Be intensely present during that time, present in every cell of your body. Don’t be concerned if the mind occasionally succeeds in drawing your attention out of the body and you lose yourself in some thought. As soon as you notice that this has happened, just return your attention to the inner body.

Excerpted from Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, pages 123-124. For more from this book, click here.

To access more of Eckhart’s teachings on embodying stillness in meditation, click here for this month’s episode of Eckhart Tolle TV.

39 responses to “Self-Healing Meditation

  1. Love, love, love this meditation. I actually do this at night when I can’t fall asleep, but now I’m going to do it EVERY night. And love the idea of spending 15 seconds on each body point – usually I just see it in my mind and move onto the next point. Thanks Eckhart!

  2. I do that all the time and it’s very helpful and so powerful. I also teach and share this with others who is open to learn meditation. thank you Eckhart so very much. Each and every fiber of this body-mind and soul I THANK YOU WHAT YOU TAUGHT US. RS.

    1. Will you guide how to practice the Power of now meditation step by step i dont have any books of Eckhart tolle , i have only book on Bagwan Sri Ramana Maharishi- Venkat – Chennai – India

  3. Stories of little awakenings are always fun to read about and compare notes on. I’ve read many over the years. I’ve got my own as well.

    I don’t think Chris’s story is unusual. Till you realize that Chris got past her programs and finally felt the aliveness within herself. Her mind shut down long enough for her to feel, her real self. Quite a wake up call, to my way of thinking. Sort of savage, in fact.

  4. I have tried it to heal myself and it works. I got the idea from your books and articles Eckhart. Thank you very much for every thing I got form you. You have no idea what magic your works are doing in my life – a big shifting.

    1. If you don’t mind me asking what did you heal yourself of and how? I am desperately researching healing methods as I fear I may be very sick. Thank you soooooo much & god bless.

    1. Well – meditation as a practice can also become painful when it becomes a method of life. Life is not a method. You can not put it into a box. For a long time i searched for Peace but found only pain. Then I stopped looking and just see what happened. There I found Peace! Love

      1. Jesper, I realy feel that becoming conscious also involves becoming aware of pain,past & present, & as we grow spiritually, the more we are able to heal this. Meditation & consciousness should never become a form of denial or displacement, but a whole spectrum of skills that enable us to be more fully human.

  5. I’ve done this without realizing how beneficial it really is! Any time I cannot fall asleep I concentrate, beginning at my toes. Focussing intently. I generally can’t make it past my knees without falling asleep. Maybe if I try harder I can make it all the way up.

  6. It’s funny. Eckhart doesn’t Teach anything, that’s why our attention on this. As with Osho, Eckhart’s meditations are merely games to keep us close while we, you and I, realize the subtle.

  7. Thanks Eckhart, your on the one on top of my inspiration peaple!!! I also do it, projecting love, compation on each part of my body and to the universe.
    That make´s me feel wellness, with a lot of energy in all my body.
    Thank´s again!!!

  8. I used to have a very uncomfortable condition of skin allergy on all my face. It get worse when I had some stress or hot weather. I tried with medical treatment but the allergy never disappear completely.

    Then, two months ago I started visiting an Eckhart Tolle meditation group here in Panamá. My surprise was that at some point near to the end of the first month I looked myself at the mirror and found that my face was healed completely. This was surprising because I did not meant meditation for any healing purpose, but something inside me changed and started healing my body automatically and didn’t knew it.

    When I road this post today, I understood intermediately what happened to me.

    Thanks Eckhart, Roberto and all of you out there working to give us all this life changing experience full of love.

  9. The key here is “Life Energy”…being still and connecting to the Force of Life that is present in each of us. Being still, is allowing the endless thoughts that flow through our brain to cease because they disconnect us from this Presence. Feeling this Life is like realizing we aren’t alone…we are connected to the Vine and we are like branches…that connection is vital for life, and our awareness of Life allows for peace and healing to fill us and rest from “our” labors allows the work of this Spiritual Presence to give us what we are searching for…rest for our souls

  10. Well – maybe this particular meditation doesen´t Work for you. Maybe you got a better method or practice. Becoming aware is indead not a formular. It is your own experience with life and what Works and doesent Work for exactly YOU. For YOU-ARE indeed the truth and not what I or anyone else try to tell you! We can let us be guided by others and we do so. But in the end only YOU can make YOUR choices! Love Jesper

  11. I am working in the kitchen in my restaurant and that is the only source of income for me so when ever I get hurt or burn I tell my body please forgive as you know I have no other choice but you have to help me get the work go on . And it works for the last 40 years .I know my body is the most best friend who will be with me till the end of my life .

  12. hallo eckhart…
    danke und hab eine frage:
    was ist damit gemeint wenn es heist er muss zerstört werden, im thomas evang.
    was ist er? und woher kommt dieses wissen _ ?
    und vllt solltest du dein gesammeltes wissen über die jahre in einem wissenschaftlichen buch für die würdigen herausgeben.
    tho. war der einzige der die worte nicht aussprechen konnte..

  13. When you are unoccupied for a few minutes, and especially last thing at night before falling asleep and first thing in the morning before getting up, “flood” your body with consciousness…. ” ” FLOOD ” ” I love the word he chooses in his writting !Thx for your words ! : )

  14. cant seem to do this, cant relax for this, but sure it must work for some. seem to have too much on my mind, too much hurt still inside, no healing is working. but thank you.

  15. Robert Bruce discusses this and other techniques with great detail in his book, Energy Work.

    Eckhart’s comment on that book is shown on the cover.

    Hope someone else likes it!

  16. This is found to be true. I have been trying to heal my known and even unknown diseases by meditation for a quiet long time.I have been practising meditation for the last 42 years from my age of 5.No one has taught me how to meditate but I sit quietly for about 10 to 20 minutes atleast not necessarily in the meditative posture.When ever I felt illness I meditate for some time .Remarkably my illness goes off.I always tried to find the answer to this process of healing.My conclusion is that when we meditate the cells in our body gets rejuvenated,decay process is retarded .This happens because the body is relieved of tension .The brain is relaxed and it can concentrate on producing the necessary hormones or other chemical mixtures which can suit to cure the imbalance that has been created by the disease.The brain requires to do it because our body or infact every known system in the universe always try to achieve a state of equlibrium.This is an un disputed rule of the nature.It is only required that we understand the rule and apply it.Meditation is a wonderful tool to do it free of cost. Thank you.

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