The Secrets

By Steve Taylor You can’t grasp at the secrets Prise them from the earth Or pluck them from the air. The harder you try to hold them The more they lose their form Until they leak away. You can grind matter down to the tiniest grains Until it collapses into nothing But its essence will […]

Presence in Times of Uncertainty

By John J. Murphy Imagine you are an athlete taking part in an important game in your competitive season. How do you feel? What is going through your mind? Is your heart racing because there is uncertainty about what lies ahead, or do you feel calm, poised and present? Are you confident or fearful? Are […]

Life’s Work

by Rich Fernandez When I was a young child I spent several years living with my extended family in the Philippines, where I learned to speak Tagalog. The language contains a beautiful expression for work – hanap buhay. When literally translated this term for work means “the search for life.” I have always liked this […]

Letting Go Of Psychological Time

By Eckhart Tolle Learn to use time in the practical aspects of your life — we may call this “clock time” — but immediately return to present-moment awareness when those practical matters have been dealt with. In this way, there will be no buildup of “psychological time,” which is identification with the past and continuous […]