Steve Taylor and the Art of Stillness

Eckhart’s guest, Steve Taylor, shares his experience of working with Eckhart. Steve is the author of several books on spirituality and psychology including The Fall, Waking From Sleep and his latest book Back to Sanity. He is also the author of a collection of spiritual poems, The Meaning, and a lecturer in psychology at Leeds Metropolitan University in the […]

Forget the Past

Forget the past It’s just a dream you keep alive by dreaming A bubble that wants to hit the ground and burst But which you keep afloat by thinking. The past is only a tail You keep dragging behind you Collecting dust and dirt Until it’s so heavy with bitterness and regret It stops you […]

The Meaning

You can’t explain the meaning Reduce it to thought or confine it to words Break it down to basic building blocks Or trace it back to an origin. But when you see the meaning, you know it. Just when you’ve forgotten it existed You’re driving along the motorway and turn your head to the side […]

A Story for my Daughter

Brita is a human resources professional and artist who lives in Lebanon, Connecticut, with her family. This is her story about how she is raising her daughter using Eckhart’s teachings, in her own words. I was not raised with any spiritual teaching, so “spirituality” was something I alternately disregarded, and was afraid of. At times I viewed spiritual […]

The Cabecita and Understanding

Erland lives in San José, Costa Rica with his family, and he uses Eckhart’s teachings about the role of the ego to help his two daughters interpret their life experiences. Erland began teaching his daughters about the ego very early in life. When one of his daughters was six, she was having a terrible time with her writing lessons. […]