Dharma comics December

A self-professed math nerd, Leah Pearlman had long been on an envied professional path alongside Silicon Valley’s brightest business leaders. When her life took a turn, she found a new path alongside Eckhart Tolle at the Wisdom 2.0 Conference, and Dharma Comics was born. Visit: dharmacomics.com

The Quiet Work of Awareness

Often it is said that the practice of mindfulness and meditation can lead to great clarity and insight. In cultivating stillness and presence there arises from within a deep knowing or understanding of what is true and good. Insight derived in this way – from a deep state of presence – can be of the highest benefit to […]

Our Love of Nature and Guardians of Being

“Never work against mother nature,” Cesar Millan is quick to convey, “that’s what my grandfather taught me.” The Mexican state of Sinaloa, on the east coast of the Gulf of California, is known for its singular contribution to the country’s agricultural bounty. The rich arable land in this region produces not only fruits and vegetables, but supports Mexico’s […]

The Captain of the Ship

For my birthday, my twenty-three year old son gave me a gift that I will always treasure. It was a letter he had written, chronicling some of his childhood memories, and thanking me for the part I had played in helping him grow into the man he is becoming. Sprinkled throughout were recollections of times when I had […]