Animal Friends: Love in the Present Moment

Recently, Deb spent some time relaxing in her Massachusetts backyard with her three dogs, Papo, Pinto, and Sully, replenishing her vitamin D and re-reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. While reading, she was interrupted and experienced the most joyous moment with her dog Papo. As Deb recounts of that moment, “my dogs don’t normally see […]

Parenting in the Present Moment

Zoë lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband, her four-year-old son and her two-year-old daughter. Working from home, Zoë loves spending time with her family at the beach, growing her own vegetables, and listening to music. With such a busy family life, she’s turned to Eckhart’s teachings to explore finding presence amidst her everyday stress. But what Zoë has […]