Christina’s Story

My Weekend at a Monastery

As I pulled up to the double gates, my heart started racing. I found myself feeling insecure. What am I doing here? What am I going to do here? My inner monologue was on repeat. “Have fun, Mom.” My daughter said, as she drove out of the stone gates. I almost told her to wait, and that I’d plan this for another time. Instead I said to myself, ‘C’mon Christina, let’s do this.’ I walked up to the Guest Masters Quarters, and shyly opened the door. “Christina. Welcome.” was the first thing I heard…

Eckhart on Presence & The Law of Attraction

Q: What is the fundamental difference between your teaching of presence and the current popular teaching called The Law of Attraction? Behind that teaching is really a question about desire, and I have always felt very drawn to the Sufi teaching, which says that hidden deeply behind my desire is the desire of God. And yet, the proponents of The Law of Attraction are saying that you can have or do or be anything that you want, if you think and feel in a certain way. I always see a red flag when I hear that, because I think the ego could go wild with that approach. My question is, is there a deeper level of desire which is not that of the ego?

A: The Sufis are right, of course, when they say that, ultimately, every desire is really a disguised desire for God. It’s a disguised desire for ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment, and being completely who you are. Basically, we’re talking about the Source, realizing the Source of all life. Everyone is longing for that, but in most humans there is a longing for what I sometimes call “the return journey”, to return to the very Source of life. It’s really only then, when you have discovered it, found it, consciously, that there is a completion of life. That’s what the Universe wants. It wants two things, which, if you observe yourself you’ll know are true. You are the Universe. You can learn a lot about the Universe by observing yourself….