Paradise in Presence

Living in remote Broome, Western Australia, a small town known for its broad Indian Ocean beaches, its pearls and its millions of migratory shorebirds, Amanda seems to be surrounded by paradise. Broome’s Roebuck Bay is the site of the famous ‘Staircase to the Moon’, where a receding low tide and a rising moon combine to create a stunning optical illusion […]

A Renewed Sense Of The Eternal

Paula has a small but close knit family in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and runs her own business. This is her story, written in her own words. In June 2011 a business crisis we were facing prompted my daughter to order me a copy of The Power of Now. After reading the first ten pages, I knew that I wanted […]

Animal Friends: Love in the Present Moment

Recently, Deb spent some time relaxing in her Massachusetts backyard with her three dogs, Papo, Pinto, and Sully, replenishing her vitamin D and re-reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. While reading, she was interrupted and experienced the most joyous moment with her dog Papo. As Deb recounts of that moment, “my dogs don’t normally see […]

Parenting in the Present Moment

Zoë lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband, her four-year-old son and her two-year-old daughter. Working from home, Zoë loves spending time with her family at the beach, growing her own vegetables, and listening to music. With such a busy family life, she’s turned to Eckhart’s teachings to explore finding presence amidst her everyday stress. But what Zoë has […]

Listen: From Stillness to Presence

If you are working towards undergoing a transformation of consciousness, Eckhart Tolle offers his soothing insight into how to move towards presence in your daily actions. Discover how to create inner alignment with the present moment to invite transcendence into your world. In From Stillness to Presence, the bestselling author of A New Earth demonstrates […]

What’s next for Eckhart’s newsletter

We’re trying a new approach to upcoming issues of our newsletter – we want to hear your own inspirational stories! Have you applied Eckhart’s teachings in your own life? Attended an event that created a positive shift in your relationships? Made a commitment to presence in your daily work? Used Eckhart’s teachings in parenting? We would love to […]