Eckhart on Prayer

Q: From the time I was a little girl, I was raised as a Catholic. I went completely full circle to denying God, not believing in God. And now, thanks to a large extent what you teach and share, I know that connectedness is there, awareness, Stillness is there. But I got the thought, why do I pray? Because if God is all-knowing, omnipotent, all-loving, and so on, I don’t think he/she/it needs me to say, “Psst – my friend is dying of cancer, can you help her?” I don’t think it’s necessary, but I enjoy praying. I’d love to hear your thoughts; what would be appropriate to pray for? Do you believe in prayer?

Jonathan’s Story

For Christmas 2006, my aunt gave from her heart Eckhart’s “A New Earth” book. I read a little bit of it early the next year and put it down. I resisted much of what my aunt gave to me or suggested because I lived in fear. Childhood, teen, and early adult traumas in the form of my ego was still holding my life hostage from opening up and accepting that there are different viewpoints of reality – mine was the veil of tremendous fear.

Give up waiting as a state of mind.

“When every thoughts absorbs your attention completely, when you are so identified with the voice in your head and the emotions that accompany it that you lose yourself in every thought and every emotion, then you are totally identified with form and therefore in the grip of the ego.”