Jessy’s Story

I went twenty five years before discovering Eckhart’s teachings and I am grateful it was not a year longer. I now refer to the different times in my life as “Pre-Eckhart” and “Post-Eckhart”. Before, the only sanity I could find in life was while I was in the heat of the moment creating my art. […]

M Abdus-Salaam’s Story

I read “A New Earth…” a while ago. I must buy another book if I am going to get through another read, as I have highlighted, underlined and noted all over the book. I started to re-read the first couple of chapters again, but I couldn’t get off the first page. I have tried to […]

Kristina’s Story

I am just reading your book “The Power of Now” and am about to complete my reading. I felt the urge to take a break from my reading and tell you how much I enjoy the book and how incredible I found the teachings. I usually have a pen in my hand so to highlight […]