Raquel’s Story

I’ve been on this journey all my 40 years but didn’t realize everything connected until recent years. When I was a child I already knew things but could never really explain to anyone “how” I knew them. I thought it was “common sense” or that everyone was like me and just knew them intuitively too. […]

Leah’s Story

My story of miraculous healing is one that I’ve told very few people. Maybe it’s because I think that it seems too “out there”, or maybe (and more likely), I still struggle to believe that it happened to me, because it doesn’t make sense and I can’t explain it at a physical level. In April […]

Alex’s Story

When I was a sophomore in high school I weighed about 260 pounds. All my life I had been relatively overweight and it always bothered me but never so much until then, so I decided to take the weight off. However, instead of loving myself enough to work positively toward a healthier lifestyle I instead […]